You are visiting Zagreb and would like to buy something unique and tradiotional that will remind you of your trip? We are giving you a list of few traditional souvenirs that are specific for Zagreb.


Umbrella from Šestine

Iti s considered one of the most beautiful souvenirs from Zagreb.

The legend says it`s red color comes from love of two young people. Boy Jankić and girl Janica were hiding from rain under big black umbrella and when they kissed, the umbrella turned red because of the power of their love.



Licitar heart

It is one of the most recognizable symbols of Zagreb and one of the most recognizable souvenirs.

Licitar is a colorful decorated cake made of sweet dough, which is traditionally made in the central and lowlands of Croatia. Traditionally it is a bright red color and is produced in different shapes and sizes (mostly shaped like heart).

If you give someone licitar heart, it means you are giving your love, your heart to that person.




If you want something sweet, then Bajadera is the best choice.

It is made in Kraš (Croatian chocolate factory) and it is one of the most famous desserts not only of Zagreb, but also of this part of Europe.



Where to buy souvenirs?

Almost all souvenir shops in Zagreb are located very close, in a relatively small area in the very center of the city.

They are located mainly in Bakačeva Street, Tkalčićeva Street and Radićeva Street. There are also those in Stara Vlaška, on the route between Bakačeva and European Square, as well as at the nearby Dolac market.

Apart from traditional souvenirs, you can also find there magnets, mugs with red and white cubes, T-shirts, wicker, ceramics, casts of works by Croatian sculptors, plaster houses, paintings with Zagreb motives, crystal and knit handicrafts, pencils, ties…


Radio taxi Zagreb wishes you a nice stay in Zagreb!