Now you can order a taxi through our new free smartphone app.

Here are instructions for using the app. 

Open the RTZ app and click on a blue car




Click ORDER and your vehicle will arrive in a few minutes




Additional instructions


My location 

Displays the location specified by your device and the time of arrival of the nearest vehicle.

If the location is not correct, click on “My Location” and then a new screen will open.

You can change the address in the top row by entering it manually.

By clicking on the second line, the map opens and you can change your starting address by moving the map if the device has not read it correctly.


By clicking on “WHERE TO?”, opens a screen for entering the address of the desired destination. You also have the option to select a point on the map where you are going. 

Payment type 

After clicking on the blue car, a screen opens where you can determine how you will pay for the ride:

  • cash
  • card in the vehicle
  • payment via the application


To pay via the application, it is necessary to register the card in the application. Please note that your card is registered to the highest security standards with our charging provider, which has all the certificates.

Note for driver 


If you want to give the driver some additional information, click on “NOTE FOR DRIVER”. Then a new keyboard field opens and you can enter text. E.g. in the parking lot or at the back side of building. 

Accepted ride 


When the driver accepts your ride, the driver’s name, vehicle registration and vehicle model are displayed on the screen.

You can follow it on the map in real time. If our application is not open on the screen, when the vehicle arrives at the address you will receive a notification that your vehicle has arrived.

Ordering a taxi has never been so fast and easy.

You can download our app here.