You came to Zagreb but you dont know what to visit? Dont worry, we bring you a list of places in Zagreb that are worth visiting.

The Botanical garden

The Botanical garden is one of the most beautiful green areas in Zagreb where you can enjoy the unspoiled nature and the enchanting flowers, but also to relax from the city noise and crowds.

Church of St. Mark 


Church of St. Mark belongs to the city’s oldest architectural monuments, and is also the oldest church in the city.

The Croatian National Theater


The Croatian National Theater started working 186o. Year, while today’s neobaroque edition was built in 1895. It`s opening was even attended by Franjo Josip I.

The stone doors

The stone doors are  part of the Zagreb`s defense system, built in the 13th century. They are the only existing city gates.

Tower Lotrščak 


Tower Lotrščak is considered one of the best preserved buildings of the city’s defense system, and it was built in the 13th century. From the tower Lotrščak there is a beautiful view of the Lower Town.



Connects Lower and Upper Town. With a 66-meter long stripe, it is also known as the shortest railway line in the world for public transport.

The Cathedral of Zagreb


The Cathedral of Zagreb is located on Kaptol, and with its two bell towers  (one 105 meters and one 106 meters) is among the monumental neo-Gothic cathedrals and testifies to Zagreb as a strong Central European cultural center.


Zrinjevac, or the Square of Nikola Šubića Zrinski square, is one of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb. It is recognizable by the alea platana, and is part of the so called Lenucias or Green Horseshoes.

Ban Josip Jelačić Square


Ban Josip Jelačić Square is the main square in Zagreb, where all the central social events take place. There is a monument to Ban Jelačić on the square, which is the work of the Austrian sculptor Anton Ferkorna. It was set up in 1866. and removed in 1947. The statue was restored in 1990. on a ban’s birthday after a citizen’s petition.



Maksimir is a historic park founded in the 18th century, and is decorated according to the model of English Romantic Parks. There is also the Zagreb Zoo in Maksimir.



Jarun is a lake in Zagreb and a sports and recreation center where you can rest after sightseeing of many sights. Apart from being an ideal place for walking or jogging or some other sporting activity, it is a great place for a night out. It is located in the southern part of town.


Sljeme is the highest peak of Zagreb’s mountain Medvednica. At Sljeme you can enjoy pure air and nature, hike, and in winter ski. One of the races of the Ski World Cup is held on Sljeme and it is called “Snow Queen Trophy”.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of broken Relationships delights visitors from all over the world who describe it as something original. The Museum in 2011. received the Kenneth Hudson Award as the most innovative museum in Europe.

The Mirogoj Cemetery


The Mirogoj Cemetery is also called the “open-air museum” because its visitors are fascinated with its peace and beauty. It is located on the slopes of Medvednica and is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. Visitors are attracted to the arcades built like the Italian renaissance cemeteries. Due to the large number of famous historical figures that are buried there, Mirogoj is called the Croatian Pantheon.